Custom Piping Skid Assemblies

  • Custom made base frame or panel fabrication
  • Threaded, brazed, compression or welded assemblies of various piping materials
  • Final inspection and testing before shipping
  • In-house shipping and delivery to site or through transportation services

Miscellaneous Piping Installations

  • On-staff licensed plumbing and pipe fitting journeymen
  • Fully stocked tool crib to eliminating the need and costs for equipment rentals
  • Flexible work schedule to meet with project requirements
  • TSSA certified for piping and gas installations.

University of Toronto

  • 2 large air handler removal and replacements
  • Steam system replacement
  • 2 heat exchanger replacement
  • Fume hood exhaust system installation c/w new rooftop high velocity plume exhaust fans, fully welded stainless steel exhaust ductwork riser
  • 4 hot water circulation pumps replacement

Equipment Installations

  • In-house engineering to specify and select best-suited equipment
  • Experienced project management to coordinate various sub-trades (roofing, structural steel, electrical, sprinkler, controls, millwrighting, etc.) for complex projects
  • One source turnkey installations through the use of trusted alliances with other sub-trades and contractors